Stormbreaker Cosplay Prop

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An amazing life sized Roadhog hook for cosplay.

It is a smaller than full size (approximately 28" or 70 cm long) prop but still extremely convincing and will look great in your cosplay.

The finish or the assembled versions will vary between painted and perfect finish for you to enjoy.

1. DIY Kit - the parts as they come out of the printer, for you to assemble and paint to your heart's desire. Some cleaning and sanding may be needed.
3. Painted Plain - brown handle, silver blade. Paint is applied with flat spray layers that have a metallic look.
4. Perfect Finish - fully weathered prop that looks perfect, with hand applied highlights and careful shading.

The difference between painted and perfect finish is that painted will have flat colours whereas fully weathered will have convincing metal surfaces and a weathered used-in-battle appearance that make it look glaringly realistic.


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