Pip-Boy 2000 Mk VI Fallout 76

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This 3D printed Fallout Pip Boy 2000 Mark VI prop is made of biodegradable eco friendly PLA plastic. This is a BUDGET version of the new Fallout 76 Pip-Boy 2000 for those who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a device with bells and whistles that make it look cool while tripling its cost. Yes, this pip-boy is simple and has no electronic or moving parts, but it is game-accurate and still looks cool as Nuclear Winter! Enjoy without overpaying, folks! SPECS: It's connected by a hinge (in the back), small screw holes (front) and has a relatively big size: 6.5cm across at narrow end near wrist and 8cm across at wide end. The display is printed, there are no functional electronic or moving parts. The brown finish is amazing and the overall appearance is spectacular. Decals and stickers complete the look to make it perfectly believable. _______________________________________________________________________


1. DIY Kit - just the parts as they come off the printer, not sanded or assembled, for you to enjoy putting together yourself.
2. Unpainted - an assembled product the color of plastic used in printing. It can be any color and leaves the joy of painting it to you.
3. Finished - fully painted with highlights, stickers and decals to make it look almost like the real deal from the game, minus the mesh. *
4. Perfect - Gleaming lacquered finish, with modeled "bulbs" and a mesh to cover them showing from underneath, exactly like the game.

* In either case, this pipboy 3000 Fallout prop would make a great addition to your next cosplay convention or Halloween costume.
* Note that even with this level of finish, this is still a 3D print and will have imperfections and places where it is a bit uneven. .

This amazing prop was modeled by Ryan1705 and downloaded from Thingiverse. Thank you!

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