Product Description and Technical Characteristics

A beautiful Еgypt styled chess set 3D printed in PLA plastic in black and white, gold and steel and ivory and obsidian color schemes, coated in clear lacquer for a perfect finish that true collectors really appreciate. 

This beautiful chess set contains two opposing armies, of the living and the dead, fighting it out for board dominance. The pieces are majestic and smooth to the touch, making the 3d printed game a pleasure to play. 

The colors are priced differently because some are more and less expensive to produce.

  1. Gold and Steel - pieces are printed then spray painted in the two colors to make convincingly metallic pieces.
  2. Steel and Turquoise - a lush set with opulent color contrast resembling a precious stone inset in a steel bracelet or frame. Both soft and firm at the same time, with the power and beauty of the Pharaohs shining through.
  3. Ivory and Obsidian - this regal option is here for players to enjoy a truly magnificent look and feel. The beige paint on the human pieces looks like ivory and the obsidian of the undead army gives a depth to it that a simple black paint would not produce.

This set requires several coats of paint, many hours of drying time and careful finishing in order to produce the desired result.

Technical details:

3D printed using UV resin and sealed with spray varnish.

The board is about 13 sq inches, Pieces range from 3" to 2" tall in size.

Egypt Chess 3D Printed

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