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As an avid lover or steampunk and a long time chess player, it is no surprise this is my very first design and what got me into 3D printing to begin with. An amazing, unique, lovingly painted chess set.   

The steampunk chess pieces are made to look like industrial monsters in steel and brass. The pawn wears a hazmat suite and goggles, the knight is an oil pump brought to life, the officer is a mustached constable of the law and the rook is a menacing machine gun turret.

The queen and king are unique to this set.
The king is a Big Ben styled clock tower and the queen is a juggernaut of spiked cog wheels and barbs.

Playing this steampunk chess set is an absolute and unparalleled delight.

Technical details: 3D printed on an Ender 3 in black PLA filament.
Rough finish for that extra old steampunk / dieselpunk chess look.  
Sealed with spray varnish.   

The board is about 13 sq inches, Pieces range from 3" to 2" tall in size.  

Industrial Chess Set -  Steampunk Chess Set - Hand Painted Board Game - Fantasy Chess

Industrial Steampunk Chess Set

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