Endothermic Blaster Overwatch

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High quality 3D printed Mei's Endothermic Blaster Gun, made to order and replicates the game prop to near perfection. This item has no electronic parts and comes in either fully assembled and painted, assembled and finished to perfection or assembled but not painted, which you can enjoy painting yourself.

Finish Levels Explained:

0. DIY is a set of parts right out of the printer for you to assemble and paint.
1. Unpainted is bare plastic. It will require cleaning, sanding and paint work.
2. Painted will have simple flat colours on a cleaned but unlacquered surface.
3. Perfect finish will have weathering, colour gradients and a lacquered finish.

"So I'm starting this journal. Honestly, I'm not sure who's going to want to read this. It was the idea of my colleague, Winston. He thinks that people will find my "unique" perspective interesting. (We'll see if he's right!) At the very least, it'll help me pass the time, and believe me, when you're huddled in a shelter and it's -20° C outside (brrrr!), you have a lot of time to kill. And 雪球 isn't the greatest conversationalist."

~ Mei's first journal entry


Mei's Endothermic Blaster Overwatch - Overwatch Mei - Endothermic Blaster Gun - 3D Printed Overwatch Prop