Product Description and Technical Characteristics

Please make sure to read this description prior to placing the order.

Those hoof shoes are not purely decorative but are also not intended to be used as actual footwear.

They are comfortable enough but will take some getting used to so you can walk around in and are meant to be used for photoshoots and to be worn for brief intervals or in a limited walking space. 

The material used is PETG plastic and are printed in 3 primary sizes:

1. Small is for shoe sizes 4-5
2. Medium is for women's sizes 6-7
3. Large will fit US women's size 8-9
4. Extra Large fits US women's sizes 10-11

The shoe will need an extra small insole for smaller feet and can be molded to a foot using heat. 

The shoe will have no backing and will be held in place using elastic straps.

I will be improving and modifying those hoof shoes as we move along and will be taking custom order requests for larger sizes and special modifications.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything at all clarified!

PS. They will look amazing with those antlers:

Elf Hoof Shoes Black

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