Elevatron The Elevated Board Game Platform

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The Elevatron is a modular table top platform system designed by yours truly and intended to make the best use of tablespace during gaming sessions.  

The current basic set contains six platforms, and will be sufficient for most board games. 

Variations Explained:

The kits come in parts consisting of pillar legs and 20cm / 8 inch square panels. The panels are identical and are assembled using a Lego style connector system.

  • The Board Gamer kit is a rectangle with 6 panels assembling in a 2x3 formation. It can fit most standard board games except maybe for the really large ones.
  • The RPG Mapper kit is a 3x3 square with 9 panels allowing for a large sized dungeon map for D&D style games. There's room enough for players to really feel the scale of the place.
  • The Skirmisher is a much larger construction that can fit a war gaming map with all the stuff it carries. It comes as a 4x6 panel rectangle with a total of 12 panels.

The difference between coffee table and dining table is their height. The pillars of the Elevatron in the Coffee Table variant are 20cm / 8" tall and can fit larger items underneath such as coffee mugs. Reason for this is the coffee table is typically smaller and lower, allowing for more height while keeping the board visible for the players. The dinner table variant has an elevation of 12cm / 4.5" and can be used for storing spare game dice and other stuff underneath while keeping the board at a good level of elevation for visibility.