Product Description and Technical Characteristics

Anyone who played the Witcher series knows the rules and loved the Dwarven Dice Poker game. 

And who wouldn't want it in their living room for fun for the whole family.

The size of the board is 30cmx20cm (12"x9")

Breakdown of styles:

01. Merchant - a quality set of dwarven dice poker from the Witcher 1 and Witcher 2 video games. Remember playing with Thaler or Zoltan? That's the set they'd have. Simple, but reliable. No bells or whistles, just the game. You get the board painted soft brown and a set of high quality regular dice. It's the budget version and can be painted after as you wish, this way also doubling as a fun craft project.

02. Noble - enter the homes of nobility in Vizima and play against them - that's where you find ornate boards with folklore imagery and gold trimmings on the dice poker board itself . The board comes with bronze and gold dice and the board itself is painted as you see in the pictures - gold highlights, wood brown surface, middle panel with game accurate picture insert.

03. Royal - what you'd expect to find in King Foltest's Royal Palace in Vizima. The board is painted to perfection, sealed with lacquer and comes with gold coloured hand painted Witcher dice, two dice cups and some Witcher money from the game to use for raising bets - a true collector's piece for the connoisseur gamer (the small ornate chest is only part of the display). A bonus for early buyers is a resin printed Witcher medallion from the game.

This dice poker game is a non folding beautiful table set that can also be hung on a wall for display.

The picture is a print based on the game from the game and looks just like it!

Dwarven Dicе Poker

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