Product Description and Technical Characteristics

An amazing and unique ring box for engagement and proposal, perfect for Valentine's day Destiny and Destiny 2 fans The item is - Light weight - Perfect for all occasions - Makes a great gift The ring box is either backlit or not, as you prefer :) Without the remote the light will change colour moving between red, green, blue, purple, yellow and so on. The remote gives you the ability to choose one colour for it to glow at a time, or different modes of flickering.


Legal Notice:

*This is not an officially licensed product and is only considered "fan art" protected under Fair Use as I am not profiting from the item or design in a commercial way, I am only being paid for my services for printing and assembling the item*


Destiny Engram Engagement Ring Box - Wedding Ring Box - 3D Printed Wedding Ring Box - Proposal Ring Box - Valentine's Day Gift

Engram Wedding Ring Box

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