Copy of K-16 Bryar Blaster 3d Printed

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The original Bryar Pistol, prop replica perfect for a Star Wars cosplay collection. 

The Bryar pistol was a modified Bryar rifle with its stock and muzzle sawed down. It was a highly accurate blaster though it was not a very powerful one. The gun did have the interesting ability to "charge up" and fire one large blast at the expense of its ammunition.

The size of this hefty pistol replica is 30 cm (16") long and feels very nice in the hands.

Among the options you choose from are its barrel size and whether you want the stand included. Finally there are the finish levels.

Perfect - a beauty of a weapon, with hand painted gradients and glossy finish.
Painted - the K-16 is spray painted to a metallic look, appearing convincingly real.
Assembled means just that - it is in one piece and still needs painting and finishing.
DIY parts are what you get from the printed, not sanded or cleaned. This kit is for those who love to assemble and paint it yourself.