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This beautiful and unique beholder miniature would make a perfect addition to your set of DnD figurines. The height of this figurine is ~50mm tall including the stand and base. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like one printed bigger Here are your options: 1. DIY is a kit of 4 fine printed parts ready to put together 2. Assembled is not painted but glued together. Character: What is it, exactly, that you guard? Spectator: Just the one chest behind me. You are welcome to open the others with the imps, or do whatever else... I'm not here to do anything about them in the slightest. I think the Sahuagin looted the other chests long ago. They might have put some stuff of theirs around here, though, thinking I would scare off thieves.... oh, that reminds me. I promised that mad little Sahuagin that I would make an effort to scare off intruders... So... boo!



Beholder Miniature - 3D Printed Beholder Statuette - DnD Beholder Mini - Eye Tyrant DND

3D Printed Beholder Statuette

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