Rocinante Spaceship 3D Print

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The Rocinante is one of the emblems of The Expanse. The model is 10" (25cm) long and is printed in fine detail using DLP technology. 1. Fully Finished means the model is assembled and painted in dark silver to look like the real deal. 2. Assembled Plain means the parts are all glued together but no paint is applied. 3.The DIY Kit consists of four parts of the ship that you will then put together and paint. The Expanse is the new groundbreaking space saga of the 21st century and is rightly taking its place among the giants such as Star Wars, Babylon 5 and Star Trek. If you are a fan of gritty mech tech, space combat and cruel, twisted military and political intrigue, the Expanse is also among your favourites. The Rocinante is the perfect shelf or desk piece for any sci fi lover.


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