Blade Runner Deckard's Hand Cannon

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A mix of the Blade Runner Decker Hand Cannon Blaster from the original Blade Runner film and the MK 44 Hand Cannon from Destiny 2. LAPD 2019 Blaster as was seen by filmmakers back in 1982 Amazing, textured and totally badass cosplay prop.

Levels of finish:

1. DIY Kit: Parts are bare plastic, unsanded and unpainted. You get to have fun gluing them together and painting them to your heart’s desire.
2. Assembled - the parts are glued together and ready to be painted
3. Painted: A fully assembled, painted and finished prop as you see in the listing photos.
4. Perfect: Sanded and glossified to perfection with weathering and scorch marks.

Blade Runner Gun - Deckard's Hand Cannon from the original 1982 Blade Runner Classic