Product Description and Technical Characteristics


This mask is meant to be worn OVER a protective mask and is best used for its aesthetic qualities. SANITIZE the mask prior to first use and every now and again on a regular basis. F

ITTING AND ADJUSTING The mask does not have a perfect face fit and needs to be heated up with a blow dryer, hot water or heat gun in order to be worn. Please be prepared to put in some work or purchase a flexible mask instead.

Here's a video I put together showing exactly how it's done:

You need to be careful when doing so to protect your face from burns and the mask from severe deformation. The fit will be imperfect and there will be air leakage around the edges which can be stopped by applying silicone sealants if you know how. This seller holds no responsibility for the way buyers use this accessory.


Oni Cyberpunk Mask - Protective Mask - Reusable Mask Cover - 3D Printed Mask - Cyberpunk 2077 Mask

Samurai Mask

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