Product Description and Technical Characteristics

This amazing chess set was designed by 3DLurch aka Emanuel Vogt and brought to you by SteamPrint in vivid 3d printed UV resin pieces and FDM printed board.

This fantasy chess set is unique in every respect and will bring countless hours of enjoyment to any chess lover. This chess set looks like wood carved exquisite handwork and will be a centerpiece and great addition to any study or living room interior.

I am offering the pieces with or without the board for your convenience. You can ask for them to be unpainted if you'd like to paint them yourself.

The chess pieces in the actual set are a bit smaller than the ones in the pictures to better fit the chess squares but offer the same amazing detail and quality.

Sizes range between 4cm for the Pawn and 6cm for the King, with the rest of the pieces in between

Chess Set Fantasy Nature | Forest Monsters Chess Set  

Fantasy Nature Chess Set

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